These are some projects and assorted pieces created during my studies at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy in Chicago, IL.


2D Texture Exercise. Hand-Drawn 2D Texture in Photoshop (Diffuse + Alpha map) and Rendered in Maya.

Viewport Screenshot.

The shield model was assigned and students were required to create a hand-drawn texture to give the flat surface of the shield depth and detail. No direct lighting was set up and no normal/bump maps were used, only a diffuse texture and an alpha map.


Materials Exercise - Diffuse, Normal, Emissive, Specular Maps (Maya)


Wolf - Low Poly Exercise, Maya

Start Screen Concept for "Donni" (PC, Game Studio 2 Project). Game Studio 2 was a group project where I acted as Art Director, setting the art direction and theme for the game while delegating tasks to our other 2 artists. I also acted as concept artist, character modeler, and environment modeler.

Concept for "Donni" (PC, Game Studio 2 Project)

"Donni" In-game Screenshot, Unity


Character Design - Color/Shading Exercise, Photoshop

Character Concept, Photoshop

Character Concept for "Skydiving" Arcade Game, Photoshop

Environment Concept, Photoshop

Sunset Alleyway Scene, Maya

Ornate Streetlamp and Skybox, Maya