"Swipey Rogue" is a 2D Rogue-like (top-down dungeon crawler) available for Android and iOS, created by John Sahas of First-Order Games.


I am responsible for creating the logo, app icon, start/splash screen backgrounds, UI buttons, perk icons, menus and menu elements, parallaxing saga map and map elements, in-game player HUD, and overall advising on general art direction.

"Swipey Rogue" Logo (Photoshop)

"Swipey Rogue" Splash Screen Background Extended (Photoshop). Character models posed but originally provided by BitGem.

Parallaxing Saga Map (Photoshop)


UI buttons - 'Round,' 'Pressed' and 'Long' designs and color variations (Photoshop)


"Perk" Icons (Photoshop)


Player/Enemy Health, Level HUD (Photoshop)

"Rewards Screen" Modal Screenshot, showcasing different border styles and modal elements (Photoshop)