"Swipey Rogue" is a 2D Rogue-like (top-down dungeon crawler) available for Android and iOS, created by John Sahas of First-Order Games.


- art direction and general art production: logo, app icon, start/splash screen backgrounds, UI buttons, perk icons, menus and menu elements, parallaxing saga map and map elements, in-game player HUD.

"Swipey Rogue" Logo (Photoshop)

"Swipey Rogue" Splash Screen Background Extended (Photoshop). Character models posed but originally provided by BitGem.

Parallaxing Saga Map (Photoshop)


UI buttons - 'Round,' 'Pressed' and 'Long' designs and color variations (Photoshop)


"Perk" Icons (Photoshop)


Player/Enemy Health, Level HUD (Photoshop)

"Rewards Screen" Modal Screenshot, showcasing different border styles and modal elements (Photoshop)