"Polygon Princess" was a 3 game series of single-screen educational arcade games designed for young girls, played on the iPad. The games tasked players with puzzles that utilized basic mental skills like math and spelling. All 3 were released and are available on the app store.



"Berry Bonanza" - 2D Arcade Game

I was responsible for the "Polygon Princess" Character, Character Animations, Menu Backgrounds, Buttons, Logo, Background Illustration, Baskets, Berries and Icons.


"Polygon Princess" Greeting and Flower Animations (Illustrator, Spine)

In-Game Screenshot

"Birdy Words" - 2D Spelling Game

I was responsible for illustrating the Background, Tree Branch/Sign Combo, Siren asset, Rainbow asset, Logo and Icon as well as illustrating and animating the 3 "Birdy" Characters.

In-Game Screenshot

"Gem Jamboree" - 2D Math Puzzle Game

I was responsible for all Illustrations such as the Cave Background, Player HUD, Grid Background, Icons, and 10 Gemstones, as well as advising on SFX.

In-Game Screenshot

This was one of the ads made for the App Store showcasing the gameplay, highlighting the Gemstone Number Containers and Player HUD.