"Moku Island" was a 2D RPG created for the iPad (unreleased). Players could create a pet "Moku" character and earn points through playing games to unlock customizations for their pet.



- creative direction, background illustration, character creation (illustration and animation), logo and icon creation, UI design, misc. art Production.


Accessory Set Pieces: Ballerina, Wizard, Buccaneer, and Mad Scientist. Each were available in 6-9 Color Variations


"Moku" Character and 'Greeting' Animation


Character Animations: Greeting, Idle, Walking, Running

"Moku Island" Main Screen Background

Background for Updated "Berry Bonanza" Minigame

Early Minigame "Balloon Bash" Background

"Timber Dash" Minigame Mockup

 Early "Map" Screen with Minigame Icons

Mockup of Player HUD showing Character Portrait, Name, Experience Points and Progress Bar, Level, and 'Dubloons' Amount

UI Icons and Buttons, Used in "Pause" Screen and other Menus

"Reward Pots" Prize Assets Players break to reveal a Prize. Final Pieces with Initial Concepts above.

Proposed Concept for New "Home" Screen Background