"Easy Eater 2" is a children's healthy eating app for iOS available on the app store.



I was responsible for general art direction and UI design, concepting and producing the main background scene, menu elements such as docks, meters, plaques, selection icons, buttons, prize icons and other graphics. Main characters, logo, and "Food Characters" were made previously by separate artists.


Screenshot showcasing Main Screen Pull-Down Menu and Icons, and 2 Background Icons. Characters were made by Timothy Banks.

Main Game Background and Navigation UI Docks

Screenshots of Food Filter Menu

"Sweet Treat" Prize Icon, one of several Prize options available to Players

I was responsible for the Wooden Tablets, Food Characters were made previously.

"Experience Meter" Asset

Competition Rank Plaque Designs

Button Designs

"Level-Up" Graphic

Modeled, Textured, Rigged and Animated Low-poly 3D rendition of the "Panda" Easy Eater 2 Character

Facial Emotion Animations were made using a Custom UV Controller rig scripted in Maya

Model was built for iOS efficiency, low poly with under 300 faces not including Detachable Vest and Backpack Accessories. Face UV Controller Rigs visible in top and top right.

Character Concepts